Market Info and Online Trading Application

Market Information & Online Trading System is desktop application that used by investors to monitor stock transaction information at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in real-time, and enable investors to buy and sell stock directly from their desktop anywhere, without going through sales trader. This application developed using Java programming language, so it is portable to any operating system ( Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc ).

This application uses message-oriented middleware (MOM) server, proven for its capability to handle big amount of transactions, and using internet as media between client server. This application is suitable for any securities company that would like to implement online trading system with small budget and minimum resource

Features of this application are, but not limited to, as follows :

  • real-time market information
  • portfolio and order management
  • technical chart that can be used as consideration before doing any transaction
  • client server application that portable on most operating system
  • ready for clustering ( for high availability and scalability )
  • friendly user interface
  • easy importable and customizable workspace
  • multi-screen ready